Welcome to The Silent Process!

We invite you to expand The Silent Process dedicated to the illustration of solidarity and mutual aid.


To add your picture, simply send it by email at the following address: tape76rug@cinco.ly

No need to specify the subject of the mailing or to add a comment. Wait about 1 minute and your photo will appear automatically in the album. The last picture transmitted appears in first position.



In a world "without concession or alternative", brotherhood seems to recede everywhere, under the dictatorship of the generalized competition. "What happened to spontaneous solidarities? "Ask the founders of La BibliotheK Sauvage.


Their answer might surprised you. It takes the form of a cooperative live digital project called The Silent Process.




The Silent Process is the first worlwide and live photo shooting focused on solidarity.


Participation in The Silent Process is free and open to all.


Your contributions must be designed to comply with the Charter.


It is imperative that pictures (photos, drawings, reproductions) meet at least one of the following criteria:

- you are the author,

- you have acquired the right of use the work,

- they are royalty-free images.


The voxonweb.com website is the exclusive interactive host of The Silent Process. Voxonweb.com reserves the right to delete at any time, without prior notification, any contribution that does not comply with the Charter.


Contributors to The Silent Process accept that their image (s) be published anonymously on voxonweb.com.


Contributors are free to submit images of their choice, provided that they meet, on the one hand, the criteria set out in the "Contributions" section and, on the other hand,

1) that they are illustrative of the theme (brotherhood, sharing and mutual aid).

2) they do not to breach the privacy or right of personal portrayal of any third party

3) they are not detrimental to dignity and decency.


Voxonweb.com shall not be held responsible for any consequences, whether direct or indirect, and/or any prejudice caused as a result of  non respect of this Charter.